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Beating the Odds Beating the Odds
Earned for exceeding the league average on every game of a meet.

Introduced 01/01/2012

Players With This Badge (17)

PlayerDate Earned
Kevin Rutt04/10/2019
Mike Tzanakos11/21/2018
Curtis Dowhaniuk10/24/2018
Kyle Klages02/22/2017
Darren Krywolt02/22/2017
Dave Pidwerbeski02/08/2017
Perry Sipos02/08/2017
Wes Balla02/08/2017
Garth Dyment02/08/2017
Bryan Fitzpatrick11/30/2016
Paul Robinson11/30/2016
Al Miller11/16/2016
John Fernandes03/30/2016
Tony Batti03/09/2016
Clark Dickson02/17/2016
Ken Fyten02/17/2016
Doug Teale02/17/2016